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Aarogya Raksha


  • Andhra Pradesh is the first and only State in India providing of "Health for All" with an objective of providing quality health to the entire population of the State by launching "Aarogya Raksha".
  • 'Health for All' Scheme counts to be one of the pioneers in terms of achieving equity and providing accountable and evidence-based good-quality health-care services in the State to assist Above Poverty Line families from catastrophic health expenditure.
  • End-to-end cashless services for identified 1059 diseases under secondary and tertiary care through 400 Government and Corporate Network Hospitals.
  • The BPL families and families coming under employees and pensioners health scheme and working journalist health scheme are already covered with quality health care. The remaining population accounting to 32 lakhs of families will be covered under "Health for All" in addition to 159 lakhs of families who are already covered under various state owned programmes like Dr.YSR Aarogyasri, Employees Health Scheme and Working Journalist Scheme.
  • The APL / BPL families can enroll under "Aarogya Raksha" from 01.01.2017 by paying the premium for the entire family for one year @ Rs.1200/- for individual.
  • Unlike other insurance schemes pre existing disease will not be considered.
  • The new born can be registered under the Scheme by paying Rs.100/- per month for the remaining financial months.
  • The newly married couple either the wife or husband belongs to other state can be registered under one family by paying the entire annual premium.
  • Patients' choice for undergoing treatment:

The choice of hospital for treatment is with the patient. The entire process from the time of conduct of health camps to the screening, diagnosing , treatment, follow- up and claim payment is made transparent through online web based processing to prevent any misuse and fraud.

  • 138 Follow-up services will be provided for a period of one year through fixed packages to those patients who require long term follow-up therapy in order to get optimum benefit from the procedure and avoid complications. Follow-up packages include consultation and medication.

  • The aim of the Scheme is to improve equity of access to Above Poverty Line families to quality tertiary medical care both by strengthening the Public Hospital infrastructure as well as through purchase of quality private medical services to provide financial support of Rs. 2.00 lakhs per annum for individual for catastrophic health needs.
  • End-to-end cashless inpatient services from the time of reporting of the patient, including professional services, investigations, medicines, implants, consumables, diet and ten (10) days post-discharge medication, including treatment of complications, if any, up to thirty (30) days post-discharge for those patients who undergo listed therapy(ies) offered through Network Hospitals.

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